2700PA suction for under $450



Budget robot vacuums normally perform poorly when it comes to the key task of actually vacuuming, but not the D5Spro, it has a whopping 2700PA plus it is a mop too!

The D5Spro is perfect for someone who wants a good economical robot vacuum, it’s not as sophisticated as the T10, but it gets the job done!

It’s a Vacuum and a Mop!

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The Ultenic D5S pro robotic vacuum cleaner supports vacuuming and mopping simultaneously with its 3 stage mopping system.

Create no go zones

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Sometimes you have rooms or area you just don’t want the robot to go.

Using the included magnetic strip you can prevent the Ultenic D5S from entering a room.

The power to clean!

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Efficient G-SLAM mapping technology along with 2600mAh battery provided more than 150min of vacuuming time covering up to 140m2

Works with Google Home, Siri and Alexa.

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Just keep doing what you’re doing and simply tell your Ultenic T10 to start cleaning.

Anti-Fall system

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Built in anti-fall system to prevent your Ultenic D5Spro falling down the stairs.

Ultra Carpet Boost

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The Ultenic T10 automatically increases its suction power to max mode when a carpet is detected, to ensure a thorough cleaning on the carpet. Once the robot vacuum leaves the carpet, it will turn back to the previous suction mode.

Easy to use APP or remote control

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Easy to program via the APP or use the remote control, the choice is yours.


Your Ultenic D5Spro comes with a 12 month warranty

Who is Ultenic?

Ultenic is a fast emerging brand in Europe and Asia with several patents and strong R&D. Its primary focus is offering high quality products at an affordable price point.

What does your Ultenic T10 come with?


⦁ D5Spro robot vacuum
⦁ Sweeping brush and filter
⦁ Charging station
⦁ Power cord
⦁ Filters
⦁ Cleaning brush
⦁ Remote control
⦁ Magnetic strip
⦁ Mopping pad
⦁ Water tank

30 day money back guarantee

Sure, it all sounds way too good to be true.

Well, we are that confident that we are giving you a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Just ship back the product for a full refund.

What do you have to lose?

We believe the new Ultenic D5Spro is the best value Robot mop and vacuum available!

Now…. Because you have come to this page you are in luck, as we are having a pre-sale like no other.

We are focused on building Ultenic to be a strong brand in Australia and New Zealand and we need your help…. So, we are offering the Ultenic D5Spro at a ridiculous low price, all we ask is that you leave a review and share on social media.

The Ultenic D5Spro will retail for $450… but you can purchase for only $350 + including shipping and handling.


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