Robot Mower FAQ

robot grass cutting 3
How well does it mow?

MoeBot cuts extremely well, see for yourself.

How often do I change the blades?

Blades should be changed approx. every 3 months or when blunt or have damage.

What about edging?

Your MoeBot can follow the boundary wire and complete an edge mow

Will I have to whipper snip?

You will need to whipper snip areas of the perimeter, like between retaining walls and the boundary wire.

What about garden beds?

You can protect garden beds by making a no go zone with the boundary wire.

What about trees?

Mature trees your MoeBot will bump into and redirect.

How loud is the robot mower?

Your MoeBot is extremely quiet and operates under 60 decibels.

Can I set a schedule?

Yes, you can set a cutting schedule for your MoeBot

Can I leave the robot outside?

Yes, your MoeBot is weather-proof, but should be placed under cover in torrential rain.

What happens if it rains when it is in operation?

can set the rain sensors so your MoeBot returns back to its base station when it rains.

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