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The perfect LEGEE D8 companion

If you’re already enjoying the cleaning prowess of the LEGEE D8 at your home, the LuLu tower will make your experience even better. While the LEGEE D8 cleans your home the LuLu tower will wash and dry your mopping pad.

Self-maintenance and cleaning for your comfort

The LuLu Tower ensures that your LEGEE D8 is always prepared to handle any mopping task with clean mopping pads 24/7. You’ll never have to wash mopping pads again, as the LuLu Tower will take care of it for you.

Dual roller brush cleaning

Equipped with dual roller brushes, the tower effectively scrubs and cleans the mopping pad with fresh, clean water, guaranteeing clean pads every time.

Instant drain function

With the instant drain feature, wastewater is swiftly removed, leaving no residue on the mopping pad and maintaining it in prime condition.

Separate water tanks

To maximize cleaning efficiency, the LuLu Tower features distinct clean and wastewater tanks. Clean water is used for washing the mopping pads, and the resulting wastewater is stored separately.

For the ultimate cleaning experience get the LEGEE LuLu Tower today and pair it with your LEGEE D8.

Only $650