HOBOT 388 premium window cleaner

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With its sleek design and advanced features, the HOBOT 388 is for individual who wants the latest technology to assist them keeping their windows clean.

It can be used in seconds and requires no technological know-how. The ultrasonic sprayer and specially designed window detergent makes cleaning the windows easy.

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How your HOBOT 388 works

Using a powerful vacuum system with 5kg suction force your HOBOT 388 sticks to glass like Spider man. The suction mimics pressure you would apply to a window when cleaning by hand and the powerful vacuum removes dust from the window.

Rotating brushes

Using an exclusive patent licence your HOBOT rotates across the window, removing dust and grime as well as identifying window edges with its inbuilt AI technology.

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3-Series (2)

Vacuum motor design

The vacuum has been designed to hold your HOBOT to the window whether it is in a vertical or horizontal position. The power brushless motor is low noise and helps removes dust from the windows.

Ultrasonic sprayer

The ultrasonic sprayer Nebulizes window detergent into 15 micrometre dense mist to dissolve dust and polish windows without leaving watermarks.

If using the HOBOT detergent it has been specially formulated to prevent bacterial build up on windows and to clean glass.

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Pressure change system

HOBOT is equipped with the pressure change detection module, it will automatically reverse when it detects a big pressure change.

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Works on multiple surface

The HOBOT 388 can be used on all thickness of glass and many different surface types including

  • Glass
  • Tiles
  • Mosaic glass
  • Marble
  • Walls
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Washable cleaning cloths

The HOBOT cleaning cloths are a special blend of microfibre and cotton designed to remove dust and polish the glass. They are machine washable and reusable.

Cleaning clothe
AI smart map

AI technology

Unlike cheap copies, the HOBOT 388 has powerful processors to calculate cleaning path, to detect edges of window by sensors, to clean the entire window automatically. It works in both horizontal and vertical position.

Remote control and App

Your HOBOT 388 comes with a remote control and APP to enable you to use your HOBOT how you’d prefer.

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Easy to use

The HOBOT 388 is simple to use. Within a matter of seconds you can be cleaning your window with a push of 1 button.


The HOBOT 388 has multiple safety features for when using your HOBOT.

Anti failing system

The HOBOT 388 has an Anti-falling control algorithm and automatically detect obstacles and window frames.

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Screw lock connector

Cheap robots have not locking lug, which may accidentally pull out if the robot doesn’t have enough power cord. The HOBOT 388 has a screw lock connector preventing the power plug becoming disconnected.

Uninterrupted power system (UPS)

If the power goes out, or if the plug is disconnected your HOBOT 388 has an internal UPS. This will keep you HOBOT 388 connected to the window for 20 minutes whilst an alarm sounds.

Safety Rope

Worst case scenario, your HOBOT 388 has a safety rope with 200kg breaking strength.

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