This robot can wash its own mop

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Would you clean your home with a dirty mop?

Up until now, that is how most people have been cleaning their floors with robotic mops. Spreading germs and bacteria throughout their home.

Most robotic mops apply no pressure to mopping, meaning it does not clean properly and the dirty mop pad stays on the robot until you change it.

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World’s only self-cleaning mop

The N1 max features its own mop cleaning station which scraps the dirt off and sucks the dirty water into a separate tank and sprays clean water with disinfectant onto the mop pad. You can set the N1 Max to clean the mop every 5sqm up to 40 sqm. Both the cleaning tank and dirty water tank hold 800ml, enabling you to properly clean with you robot unlike the small spray tanks on some robot mops.

No need for a robot vacuum and mop

Some robotic vacuum brands sell a mop and vacuum unit which can cost over $3,000. Besides the expense, it is inconvenient. Who wants to have two robot devices plugged into walls, two apps, two robots to maintain?

If kind of defeats the idea of making life easier.

The Veniibot N1 Max solves all these issues with a powerful vacuum, mop and washing station built in 1. No need for two robots and with a RRP of $850 it is amazing value for money.

Mopping and sweeping
Multi Function App

Intelligent Mapping

Some robot vacuum brands that cost up to $2,000 per unit take days to map a house, making it inconvenientand tedious set up.

The N1 Max has a Lidar radar system built in that instantly maps an area, making it useable straight out of the box.

Better still, the N1 max tells you exactly where it has mopped/vacuumed unlike other robot vacuum’s and mops.

With the Veniibot app you can:

  • Set a cleaning schedule
  • Know when to maintain your robot
  • Clean the mop
  • Spot clean
  • Clean specific areas
  • Create rooms
  • See cleaning history
  • Store maps

Whether you are in the home, on the road or in the office you can control your Veniibot via your smartphone.

Vacuum power

The N1 Max features a power 2000kpa suction with its vacuum. To ensure a thorough clean of your floors the dust extractors have been designed with a brush system, that pulls dirt from the carpet and floors. A feature that is not available on leading robot vacuums like the Roomba I7+.

The N1 Max also features 3 different vacuum settings allowing you to adjust the vacuum power for sensitive areas or if the baby is sleeping. A feature absent on expensive robots like the Roomba I7+.


Multi storey homes

The N1 Max can store3maps and can easily be used on 1st or 2ndfloors. Its inbuilt laser system prevents it from falling downstairs.

Multi floor1

A sweeping brush like no other

Many robot vacuums have a sweeping brush that often throws the dirt away from the robot or which misses corners and edges.

The N1 Max has a sweeping brush with its own motor. Instead of staying in a static position it moves out from the robot to help better collect dirt. The bristles on the brush push into the floor sweeping the floor properly.

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Developed with the best componentry available

This is no cheap quality robot! Veniibot has sourced the most reliable componentry in the world to build the N1 max.


Able to climb over rugs or high carpet

The N1 max can climb over carpet up to 2cm high, ensuring it can easily transition from tiles to shag pile carpet.

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Long battery life

With all these extra features and an in-built mop and vacuum you would think it would be short on battery life. The N1Max has a 5200mAh lithium battery providing you with 120 minutes of vacuuming and mopping plus an ability to cover up to 120sqm.

Battery life1

Removable Dust bag and HEPA filter

The N1Max has an inbuilt disposable dust bag capable of holding up to a litre of dust and dirt! Like a high-end vacuum cleaning it also as a HEPA filter.

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Easy spot cleaning

Have a small mess in the kitchen to clean?

The N1 Max has can easily spot clean a specific area making your home cleaning easier. A feature not available on expensive robot vacuums like the Roomba i7+


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