Veniibot FAQ

How often will the n1 max clean its mop?

You can set how often the N1 Max will clean its mop. It can clean from every 5sqm up to every 40sqm.

How long does it take to map a room?

Due to the LIDAR system, the N1 max instantly maps a room.

What happens if I move the furniture?

No problem, the LIDAR is always mapping the room and will know when there is an object higher than 6cm, anything lower and the bump sensor will detect the item.

How will I know when to change the water?

You N1 max will tell you when to change the water.

How will I know when to change the mop head?

The app tells you the wear rate of all the consumables so you can maintain your N1 max

Can I adjust the vacuum power?

Yes, there are 4 settings. Quiet, Standard, Enhanced and Max mode.


Can the N1 Max clean specific areas?

Yes, you can clean a specific area or spot clean by using the app and the locating feature.

Can the N1 Max climb over rugs?

Yes, it can climb rugs and carpet up to 2cm in height.

How powerful is the vacuum?

The N1 max vacuum has a max suction of 2000pa!

Does it have bump sensors?

Yes, N1 Max has a bump sensors and a LIDAR to identify objects.

Can the N1 max work in the dark?

Yes, unlike other robot vacuums/mops.

Does the N1 max clean its mop head?

Yes, it’s the only robot mop that scrapes he dirt off and washes its mop.

Does the mop clean well?

Unlike other robot mops, the N1 Max applies 1kg of pressure whilst mopping to mimic real mopping pressure.

Can the N1 Max be set to vacuum only?

Yes, you can set to mop only, vacuum only or to vacuum and mop at the same time.

Does the APP work via 4G and the WIFI?

Yes, you can control you N1 max in seconds via the APP, whether you are at home across the WIFI or in another state.

Can I set a schedule?

Yes, you can easily set a schedule.