Robot Window Cleaner Support

My HOBOT will not clean?

Ensure that the UPS is fully charged which may take 3-4 hours.

Why can I hear an alarm?

The power connector has become disconnected and the UPS (uninterrupted power supply) has been activated. This will keep your HOBOT connected to the window for 20 minutes.

HOBOT 198/388 -After cleaning swirl marks are left on the glass?

The cleaning cloth is too dirty and needs to be replaced.

HOBOT 198/388- How to avoid leaving swirl marks on the glass which are visible under strong light.
  1. Use a set of dry cleaning cloths to clean dust off the window
  2. Change cloths, spray a small amount of window cleaner on the lower cleaning cloth and keep the upper cleaning cloth dry and clean again
HOBOT 198/388 does not spray water?
  1. Check to see that you have turned on the spraying function
  2. Clean the ultrasonic nozzle with a soft, dry and clean cloth
  3. If 1 & 2 fails, replace the water tank
How do I get the best results on my windows?

People live in various environments from city, country, seaside to the bush. Which means windows are subject to different internal and external dirt and grime.

For best results, we suggest first a deep clean on the window followed by Robot My Life protective window coating. The coating places a ceramic film over the glass which prevents dirt and grime adhering to the windows.

Then regularly using your HOBOT robotic window cleaning to clean your glass.

If the glass is dirty, use a dry clean to remove the dirt and then use your HOBOT with the ultrasonic sprayer for a final clean.


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