Ultenic T10 Self Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop

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Ultenic T10 Self Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop


Ultenic T10

When it comes to robot vacuum cleaning performance, there is one key measure you need to consider when purchasing any robot vacuum, its suction power. If it has low suction, then it just won’t clean as well and will be subject to blockages or not picking up larger items So, let’s not waste your time, the Ultenic T10 really sucks!

You can check out the comparison suction table below and decide if you would like to read on.

This robot really sucks

You can check out the comparison suction table below and decide if you would like to read on.

Ultentic T103300pa
Roomba S9+2500pa
Roomba i7+1800pa
Roborock S62500pa
Deebot N8 Pro+2600pa
suction-modes -1

Self emptying dust bin

Most robotic vacuums have a small dust collector box that must be emptied regularly. This can become tiresome after a while, after all, didn’t you want to not have anything to do with your robot vacuum once installed?

The Ultenic T10 features a self-emptying dust bin, with a whooping 4.3 litre capacity, which can hold up to 60 days of dirt and debris. Once the dust bag is full, the robot vacuum T10 will remind you.

Create no go zones

Sometimes you have rooms or area you just don’t want the robot to go.

Some brands use expensive beacons, others magnetic strips, not the Ultenic T10, you can easily program no go zones via the APP, you can add up to 15 no go zones!

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The power to clean!

The T10 robot vacuum, effortlessly covers over 250m² in a swift 280 minutes leaving your space spotless in no time.


Works with Google home and Alexa.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and simply tell your Ultenic T10 to start cleaning.

Ultra carpet boost

The Ultenic T10 automatically increases its suction power to max mode when a carpet is detected, to ensure a thorough cleaning on the carpet. Once the robot vacuum leaves the carpet, it will turn back to the previous suction mode.

climbs-2cm (1)

Climbs up to 2cm!

Your Ultenic T-10 can easily climb up onto rugs with the ability to clear raised objects up to 2cm!

Smart laser navigation

Ultenic T10 navigates & maps your home in neat efficient rows with floor tracking sensors, and learns the layout of your home using laser technology.

smart-lazer-navigation 1

Multi-floor mapping

Your Ultenic T10 can create and store multiple maps to make itself always ready to clean promptly and efficiently, even when moved to a different location or floor.

Making it perfect for homes that have more than one level.

Easy to use app

Easy to program via the APP

multi-operation 1
suction-modes -1

3 Adjustable suction modes

Three suction modes (standard, quiet and power) are available to be adjusted according to the debri size, and are powerful enough to suck up everything ranging from dust to hair.

What does your Ultenic T10 come with?

  1. T10 robot vacuum
  2. Remote control (yes, it works with the APP as well)
  3. Dust bin
  4. Power cord
  5. Mop pad
  6. Sweeping brush and filter
  7. Cleaning brush
  8. Mopping unit
  9. Dust bags
  10. Filters
Ultenic-T10 (1)


Your Ultenic T10 comes with a 12 month warranty.

Who is Ultenic?

Ultenic is a fast emerging brand in Europe and Asia with several patents and strong R&D. Its primary focus is offering high quality products at an affordable price point.

How does the Ultenic T10 compare

We think the new Ultenic T10 will be a game changer in Australia and New Zealand. It’s smart, cost effective and powerful.

The Ultenic T10 will retail for $899… but you can purchase for only $750 including shipping and handling.