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May Mayhem Up To 70% OFF


15,000+ Happy Customers served

4.8/5 Average Rating on reviewsio-logo1


May Mayhem Up To 70% OFF


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Play, Feed, & Connect With Your Pet From Anywhere!

Talk to your pet from anywhere.

Wish you had a way to connect with your pets while you’re away from home? The Rola PetPal allows you to see, play with, and even snack feed your pets remotely, making it a game-changer for pet owners who want to stay connected no matter where they are. 

With the Rola PetPal, you can connect with your pet using: 

  • An array of interactive toys including a playful stick, laser, and rolling balls 
  • A treat dispenser that can be operated remotely  
  • Two-way voice and one-way video communication 

Talk to, see, and hear back from your pet in 2.5K HD quality from far while they can hear you on the PetPal. This device even automatically recognises when your pet wants attention and plays pre-record voice prompts.  

Prevent boredom

Dogs and Cats are social animals often left at home for 8 hours+, creating anxiety and sometimes destructive behavior.

Now you can play with your pet, watch them, communicate, and feed them no matter where you are. Ensuring your fury friend is living a fulfilled life when you are not home.

Keep your pet entertained 24/7.

The Pet Pal’s main feature its interactive toys gives you the ability to drop rolling balls, move a playing stick, and target a laser keeping your pet out of boredom. Better, the PetPal can operate with or without your input keeping your pet always entertained. 

Feed your pet from far.

If you feel like treating your pet, you can remotely dispense snacks using the PetPal. It features smart capabilities that can even release treats at designated times after recognizing your pet, eliminating the need for constant app interaction. 

 The PetPal can dispense freeze-dried food less than 12mm in diameter, while the built-in sealing ring keeps the food fresh by concealing and resealing the spout after each release. 

Capture and share precious moments of your pet*

Ever wondered what your pet was up to while you were away? PetPal automatically creates a 30-second ‘day-in-the-life’ video for your pet and sends it to you daily. This provides you with a recap of your pet’s day when you return home. 

Smart Home Security Alerts*

Doubling down as a home security device, the PetPal detects abnormal pet and human movement, barking sounds, or broken glass sounds, and immediately sends aalert to the owner while creating a timestamp in the video playback. This feature helps you keep an eye not only on your pet but also on your home. 

Watch your pet and your home

The Rola Pet Pal has an inbuilt camera system, so you can see what your Pet or family are up to when you are not home

30-day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

If you or your pet aren’t satisfied with the ROLA PetPal, simply return it for a full refund within 30 days. Keep it and enjoy a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. 

Delivery Timeline

Expect to receive your ROLA PetPal during the first week of June, as we will begin shipping products towards the end of May. Your ‘30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee’ and warranty will commence upon receipt of the Pet Tracker. 

Australian exclusive release, only available from Robot My Life!

Be one of the first people in Australia to own the Rola Pet Pal exclusively distributed by Robot My Life. The world’s first robot designed to play with your Pet. 

Pre-Sale Offer!

The base model of the ROLA Pet Pal is retailing for $699 but for our first 20 pet owners we are giving it away with all the accessories for only $430.

*Available with the ROLA cloud subscription service.