Coming November 2020

Perhaps you are considering your first robot vacuum or perhaps you are upgrading and considering a hybrid vacuum/mop, there is no doubt that there are many options for you to consider; but what is the best option for you?

Robot Vacuums and mops may sound like new technology, but the first robotic vacuum was developed by Electrolux back in 1996! So there has been 24 years of innovations and refinements which has led us to today’s Hybrid Vacuum/Mops.

Up until now there has not been a quality hybrid vacuum mop on the market that could vacuum and mop properly. So many people have had to purchase a robot vacuum and a robot mop, which can cost up to $3k. Many people have been left disappointed by mops performance due to many robotic mops just skimming the ground with no pressure.

We believe the Vennibot N1 Max is the best Hybrid Robotic Vacuum/Mop available today:

  • Superior suction power
  • Mop with 1kg of pressure
  • Automatic cleaning station for the mop
  • Snail touch brush
  • Brush extractors
  • Large capacity dust bag
  • Intelligent mapping and navigation

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself how Veniibot will make your life easier.

How Veniibot Vacuums and mops

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How to map your home

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How to set areas to vacuum/mop

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How Veniibot cleans itself

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How Vennibot deals with obstacles

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How to use Vennibot on a 1st floor

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How to clean a specific area

How to change the Vacuum bag